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If you were asked what has been your greatest challenge in leading people (as boss, parent, colleague, friend) what would you say?

No one is exempt from pondering the question as it applies to all of us, if only because we all have the capacity to influence in some way.

One of the best pieces of life advice I heard came from Angela Ahrendts (insert link) the ex-VP of Apple retail. He father had told her that in a relationship look to give 60%, take 40%. I thought I was up with the pack in trying to live the 50:50 approach. It rattled my cage!

I will never forget the answers that a newly appointed CEO gave me years ago. He said that he had severely underestimated the demand that would be placed on his energy. The second thing was how difficult he found it to communicate a cascading message which would be as clearly understood by his Exco, as by those on the shop floor. I see heads nodding!

Throughout the day people would interact with him and because the majority of these interactions were ‘withdrawl’ by nature, come late afternoon he would feel incredibly drained.

Leadership can be unforgiving. Good leaders are expected, and should ‘give’, whenever it’s required.

Acquiring new skills and honing existing ones are essential ongoing disciplines. Should you wish to accelerate your progress in being a better leader, then surround yourself with people who will candidly speak truth into your life. People who will speak into our lives, tell us the truth because they care enough to want to make a difference.

We all need such people. You are blessed should one of them happen be your husband or your wife.

Jim Rohn mentioned that one should work harder on themselves than on the job – I couldn’t agree more with him. To this day it still remains my toughest test and I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t yours.

Any surprises?

I am the author of Leading Self and Others (how to make a difference where you are with what you’ve got) and Teaming with ideas (life lessons in teams- from business, sport and parkrun). You can contact me here.