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Leading Self and Others is a practical working guide, a manual for life … and for living.

As you weave your path through life you will be provoked to think and ask questions, such as who am I, where am I going, and how will I get there? If we don’t know who we are how would anyone else know?

Having a sound grasp on such fundamental questions helps one to remain grounded as paradigms and beliefs are tested. This manual will equip you with some of the most pressing character and relationship-building qualities, as a person of influence.

The book then moves from Self to Others, and how an individual should engage the hearts and minds of people so that they willingly collaborate. The topics covered are those which team leaders ought to grasp for effective team functioning. Anyone can learn them to make a difference, for the better.

Although it has a South African flavour, the underlying leadership principles are universal, allowing you to draw parallels within the context in which you may find yourself.

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  • Publication date : June 16, 2018
  • Language : English
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  • Print length : 301 pages
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In this book you will learn about:

  • a basic understanding of the brain
  • the foundation for ethical leadership
  • knowing yourself – leadership is an inside-out job
  • requirements to authentically lead others


Some of the topics that you will find inside:

  • Leadership is about character and competence – page 17
  • The interplay between relationships and results – page 21
  • No one can steer a parked car – vision, mission and purpose – page 31
  • Influence – people too readily give away the power which they didn’t think they had – page 35
  • Gender – men’s and women’s brains are wired differently, mostly for matters of completion – page 45
  • The trust spectrum – page 50
  • The change formula – page 55
  • Your personal brand – page 64
  • Personal mastery and the 7 philosophical questions – page 68
  • Why we behave the way we do – page 70
  • Our limiting ‘lids’ – page 84
  • The 4 ascending levels of happiness Spitzer model – page 96
  • It’s your genetic gift – strengths – page 98
  • Why mentoring is so important – page 112
  • The head, heart and hand combination – pg 123
  • A foundational strategy for navigating people – page 125
  • The stark difference between African and Western European worldviews – page 134
  • Motivation – when people feel good about themselves, they will perform – page 146
  • Why holding people accountable shows that you care – page 150
  • Empowerment is enabling within boundaries – page 152
  • How to get people’s attention – page 155
  • The people development triangle – page 169
  • Why coaching is important – page 173



Every book reflects the personality of its author. This one shows us a man who thinks deeply, is a seeker of knowledge and obviously makes a note of each pearl he finds on the journey. Those many discoveries are generously shared with us.

The greatest compliment for any author is for readers to work right through to the end. And use the ideas and suggestions as a base from which to learn more. I did both with Tim’s book. And would urge you to follow that example.

Alec Hogg: Publisher and editor Biznews.com

Tim has turned out one of the most frequently written about topics into a practical handbook and guide. A leadership manual that surely all CEO’s, Business Executives, Managers, Government personnel, Sports leaders, Community leaders and Spiritual leaders, should have in their possession.

This comes as no surprise as Tim drives teams to realise their potential and supercede expectations. I have personally experienced him successfully aligning my leadership teams, effecting much needed change management and focus.

Dr Xolani H Mkhwanazi: Chairman BHP Billiton SA Limited

This is not a book to be read in several sessions, it is a book to be explored, pondered and acted upon. Tim has included many sources in his writing and provides a holistic, integrated and very ethical approach to leading self and others.

I know that in the hands of people who are yearning to change, this book will have a great impact and will ensure a personal growth and development that brings about lasting transformation.

Graham Power: Founder of the Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical movements, Chairman of the Power Group of Companies

You find Tim becoming the mentor, friend and guide, that you need to gain traction in leading successfully within your sphere of influence. He writes with humour and clarity of thought, not holding back on owning “our own”, often jaded reality, and, showing us creatively how to move forward.

As you take the time to walk with Tim on this enlightening journey, you may well discover your life-story gaining fresh perspective within God’s Grand story.   

Murray Smith: Pastor Summerstrand United Church  

The timing of this book could not have been more appropriate. To resolve the current challenges South Africa faces constructively will require exceptional leadership and highly skilled management, across all sectors of our society.

Tim Shaw has succeeded in pulling together a comprehensive cutting edge collection of leadership material, which summarizes in a page what others would take chapters to complete. These are the innovative insights and latest thinking our leaders and managers need.

It must be a leadership coach and trainer’s dream to have it laid out in such an engaging format. I look forward to seeing these ideas take root and develop the potential that exists in our country.

Trevor Jennings: Former CEO of EP Building Society and President of EP Rugby, Co-ordinator of Just 1 HR

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