Sometimes decision-making can be oh-so-easy, yet just as difficult.

Decisions can be made with the stroke of a pen, should you know what’s most important.

Let’s take a simple truth – for things to change, I need to change. Did you apply the stroke of your pen to fully embrace the fact and never look back, or are you still attempting to compromise this truth through alternative options? Like ‘changing’ at your convenience as and when you deem it necessary by ‘flip-flopping’.

Flip-flopping is the surest way to lose respect. We know through neuroscience that the act of flip-flopping will create doubt, anxiety and a ‘threatening’ state in the others mind. Without elaborating, this is not what you would want!

The art of deciding what’s most important can be simplified in one word – purpose.

Now that you have the key, use it to unlock your door to decision-making and do what really matters.

Whatever you do – personally, team wise or organisationally, your time should be prioritised around what is most important, grounded on purpose.

If it’s time out for relaxation and fun, do that!

‘Chilling’ can be a struggle, albeit an essential one. Being hyper-connected to virtually everything brings its own trappings in that we forget the ‘now’. Worrying about tomorrow while holding onto yesterday’s baggage will suffocate an appreciation for living the moments of today. It’s why it is called the ‘present’.

Gratitude welcomes the present and keeps one ‘centered’.

In times of war what’s most important?

We have seen how the ‘free’ world grapples for the answer. The purpose of man’s existence has become so diffused and fractured resulting in belaboured decision-making to prevent the unnecessary slaughter of innocent people.

Personally, we fight an internal war as our greatest enemy is ourselves.

We prefer to skim through life remaining busy doing what we believe is most important. It’s only when our war forces us to dig deeper that we begin to ask different questions. And we may not like the answers.

Life is short – what we do should be directed by what is most important, and it begins with purpose.

I am the author of Leading Self and Others (how to make a difference where you are with what you’ve got) and Teaming with ideas (life lessons in teams- from business, sport and parkrun). You can contact me here.