I believe that relationships are the substance of life.

To experience the fullness of their expression and joy don’t treat everyone the same, should you value them. This would be careless and will hinder your leadership. You’d know this as a parent.

As soon as people perceive that you care less for them, such as not appreciating their uniqueness, your ability to influence takes a downward spiral.

Here is your acid-test question: Do you love people for yourself or do you love them for themselves? Such a definitive question deserves distilling and reflection under your ‘willow tree.’ Reflective Thinking For Meaningful Learning

Connect the dots to some of your cherished relationships. Can you see how the shift in perception from yourself to themselves took you to another level, transforming the chemistry between you?

I would bet that the change began the moment you were able to meet that person at their point of deepest need.

It starts when they know that you acknowledge and appreciate that there is no one like them. You express this in what you say and do.

Endorsing their uniqueness will resonate within them, ultimately bringing them to the realisation that they are important to you, and that you care.

Pause now to hone in on the state of your key relationships, don’t press on regardless as modification may be necessary. If you cannot make the shift you may be required to re-evaluate the relationship and/or its expectations.

When people know that you care the door for good things to happen voluntarily opens, including their ‘generosity’ in respectfully giving you some slack when they may not necessarily agree with you … or when you goof up.

How would someone know that you care?

Ask the people who should know, such as those close to you and those who are responsible for your success. Perhaps begin with your husband, wife or partner and then take the question to the office. You will be pleased you did.

I encourage you to post a comment … should you care.

I am the author of Leading Self and Others (how to make a difference where you are with what you’ve got) and Teaming with ideas (life lessons in teams- from business, sport and parkrun). You can contact me here.